Ramadan Kareem :)

Assalamu Alaikum … wishing all of you Ramadan Kareem. Being the ninth and the most important month in the Islamic Calendar,this is one month where one gets an opportunity to kill the evil within himself. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk, learn how to have control over themselves and be able to resist any sort of temptations. What makes this month so important is the revelation of the Holy Quran on an auspicious night known as Laylatul Qadr. During this month, Muslims all over the world abstrain from food, drink and other physical needs. Ramadan is not only about iftar parties and fasting, as many people hold the misconception. It is a time period given to purify ones souls, re-focussing their attention on the Almighty and practicing the act of self-sacrifice. Fasting in the heat and being able to control ones temptations allows one to become a better individual, making their sins burn in fire. The Arabic word for “fasting” (sawm) literally means “to refrain” – and it means not only refraining from food and drink, but from evil actions, thoughts, and words. Praying together and praying for each other, remembering them in your prayers promotes the brotherly love Muslims usually hold within themselves. During Ramadan, every part of the body must be restrained. The tongue must be restrained from backbiting and gossip. The eyes must restrain themselves from looking at unlawful things. The hand must not touch or take anything that does not belong to it. The ears must refrain from listening to idle talk or obscene words. The feet must refrain from going to sinful places. In such a way, every part of the body observes the fast.Therefore, fasting is not merely physical, but is rather the total commitment of the person’s body and soul to the spirit of the fast. May the Almighty be able to give you all the strength to fast the entire 30 days without compromising to pray to the Almighty at all. May you remember to thank the Almighty for all your happiness and to ask Him to help you out in all your difficulties. Amen.

Do remember me in your prayers 🙂 ….


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Kareem :)

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