A sneak peak into Peepli Live :)

One of the most awaited movie of the year is out in the nearest theater near you … a movie made truly of the people, by the people and for the people. It is a completely non-star cast film dealing with a completely rural theme with the concept of suicide cases of farmers and the plights they face on a day to day basis. Though there are many characters in this movie, the main character being Natha, a poor pot smoking farmer in the village of Peepli who is in a situation of huge debt he owes to the Government and is in great danger of losing his land which is his only means of survival. Thousands of farmers in financial trouble commit suicide every year in India. When he learns that the government will compensate suicide victims’ families with 100 thousand rupees, he considers giving it a try. He is ready to put his life in danger for the financial security of his family. The script and dialogue delivery of this particular movie is absolutely commendable, despite all of them being non actors. Many critics have been skeptical about the idea of depicting the plight of serious issue a farmer faces in a comical manner, but one must understand that to communicate to the audiences, one needs to use their own creativity in being able to portray the situation to them. The farmers in many parts of India have brought about controversies by saying that Aamir Khan has made a huge joke on their situation and the movie has been a huge insult to farmers all over the world, and Aamir does owe an apology. Well, on a personal opinion, I would just say, its after all only a movie, made with the intention to convey and make the audience aware about a very important situation in the country today which is taking place in a light-hearted manner. From my side : Its a thumbs up to Aamir 🙂 Indians should be proud of him to bring out such a scenerio in the limelight to the movie viewers. Dont miss this one … its a MUST WATCH 🙂

Ratings by IMDB : 8.6 on 10


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