Ties That Bind

In the era of a strong growing social circle, where people want to make more and more friends, one often loses out on building relationships with family members. The Siddiqui’s, a family from Lucknow are residing in the UAE since ten years; hold a strong family bond which is infinite. Being a complete family of four living in a district called Ghusais in Dubai has brought them more close to each other as time passes by.

Ten years ago when Mrs. Shabnam Siddiqui, a housewife came to Dubai along with her husband Mr. Ehtesham Siddiqui, working in one of the reputed organizations at a managerial post, it took them almost a year to settle down. Dubai has changed a lot and has increased its standard of living to a huge extent. They are blessed with two children, their 10 year old son Adyan Siddiqui and Doaa Siddiqui, who is 6 years old. The Siddiquis have many relatives out here, being it from their parents to their in-laws. They do not miss their homeland much because Dubai has given them a lot. Mrs. Siddiqui feels though that staying in joint families is much nicer as you are closer to your near and dear ones. Though she has found that maintaining distance brings in more fondness and strengthens relations among relatives as staying together can at times create even more huge problems.

Families in Dubai today are being affected by the routine life which is followed by the citizens out here. Fathers who go at work do not even get the time to see their children’s faces everyday, except when maybe at work. Working mothers face the same issues and there are a lot of Day Care Centres which have been opened up for kids in Dubai to keep the children occupied till their parents are at work and cannot attend to them. Many a times this causes lack of communication and due to this there are arguments and misunderstandings which may take place. Time and Money have become very precious for certain family members. Children are being pressurised in some families to do very well in their studies and the parents and family members are also concerned about maintaining their social status in the community.

The Siddiqui’s make it a point to spend some family time with each other every evening and ask each other about how did their day go and the weekends are definitely made exciting and spent differently in order to bring in some change in the monotonous schedule which is followed the whole week. Hence, it is very important to value the family inner relationships which exist. Family will always be there for you, even when nothing is working right. One of the biggest secrets in life that many do not know is that much of our inner wellness and satisfaction comes from the family.


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