39th UAE National Day

The United Arab Emirates went through a fun filled week of celebration on the occasion of the 39th UAE National Day on 2nd December 2010. It is an occasion to reflect on all the key moments in the countries history, while looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. On this day in the year 1971, six of the seven Emirates, i.e., Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Fujairah signed the founding charter of the UAE, with Ras Al Khaimah signing in February 1972.

The UAE today has come together as a Global Village having developed a lot within a short span of time. Looking back 39 years ago, UAE was nothing but a deserted region. Today it has evolved into a nation which many others in the world envy. Abu Dhabi being the capital city and Dubai being the financial capital, a lot is there in the UAE to attract many tourists.

The National Day celebrations in this time bewildered me, as I saw the amount of enthusiasm with which it has been celebrated this year. Government buildings such as the Ministry and the Etisalat building were beautifully decorated. Many other buildings were lavishly decorated with the four colours – red, green, white and black seen almost everywhere. Streets were lighted up with beautiful ornaments. Almost every car on the road which was seen was decorated as a tribute to the Nation. There were car rally’s and car parades also which took place encouraging safe driving, being a major issue in the UAE currently.

What was most overwhelming was seeing people dressed in Traditional outfits having the UAE flag designed on them along with accessories. People were so enthusiastic about the whole celebration – not only Emiratis but even Expats were sporting enough to join the celebrations.

A lot of stalls were set up which sold things in honour of the UAE National Day celebrations. There were badges, shawls, scarves, wrist bands, cane sticks, caps and hats, souveniors and many other things which were handed out to the people. A lot of events were also organized as part of the celebrations such as biker’s parade, car rallies, puppet shows, dance performances and skits – bringing out the true culture of the Emiratis. Chocolates and cakes were also designed in a UAE celebration fashion.

The fireworks also boomed aloud and lighted up the entire city setting in the festive mood. All in all, this was one memorable National Day for both the Emiratis and the Expats. UAE … 39 years and way to go.


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