A Wedding to Remember ….


The girl arrives in her wedding gown
Adorned with beautiful ornaments
Walking down the aisle
Holding a bouquet in her hands
Followed by her bridesmaids

The guy waiting patiently
For his bride to come besides
His hand held out for her
All ready in his suit
To be slaughtered for life

Says the girl
Lord I’m very nervous
A new phase of my life
But I hold my trust in you
Knowing he is the one for me.

Says the guy
Lord make this day
More special than the others
Although I lose my bachelors grade
And my bride achieves her masters

As we exchange vows and rings
Bound by the two words “I DO”
I cannot help but still admit
That I really do love you
And I know you love me too.

It is such a wondrous feeling
As the rituals go on
To see two souls intertwine into one
On the magical words being said
You may now Kiss the Bride.

Being blessed by everyone present
Who have been nice enough
To be a part of the celebration
Responding to the invitations
Bringing the occasion to life

As the wedding cake is cut
Giving each other the first bite
To add sweetness to their lives
This marks a new beginning
Of a lifelong relationship.

The promises which have been made
The love shown which cannot be paid
The happiness and glow on the couple
Tagging them as being ‘Newly Married’
Pronouncing them as Husband and Wife

Surely makes this one…
A wedding to remember….
For life đŸ™‚


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