Destroyed : Who is Responsible?

Everything on planet Earth one day is going to be destroyed by Gods will. No one is saved from being destroyed … not even man, not even animals, and definitely not even the non-living objects on planet Earth. It is our belief in the Last day and fate good and evil, which decides our path after death … whether it will lead us to heaven or hell.

Nature will destroy our planet one day, but what about mankind who is destroying Earth against the will of nature. Certain practices performed by man such as population explosion, deforestation, mining and many other such practices lead to pollution and global warming. We are destroying our planet even before Gods will and this can be considered as a huge sin. We are betraying our mother Earth which provides us with air, water and land(shelter) which are essential for our survival.

When these only become harmful to mankind, due to the various acts performed by man, there is no possibility of survival. Natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes also occur due to these acts of mankind which does not make our earth anymore a safe place to live in. I plea to each and every individual out there to help in Saving this Planet … lets not forget … this is OUR world !
Together we can … and we will … make a difference.


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