Dreams Vs Reality

Dreaming all this while
Living in a bubble throughout
I now realize as it bursts
These are no where close
To where reality strikes

How different are dreams from reality
Is what I confront today
We don’t always get what we want in life

No one lives happily ever after
The biggest reality of life being death
The fact being there is life after death

Everything happens for a reason
Every individual has to experience every season
There is a new beginning to every ending
Life goes on and people have to move on
As everyone says … the show must go on

People seldom realize the truth behind dreams
Every dream is based on reality aspects
If you urge to dream, only then will it be real
Nothing is impossible if you have dreamed it
You could see it … You can do it ….

Your dreams may not always come true
They are not realistic at times
All you have to remember
Always Dare to Dream
Leaving behind the fear
Of obstacles in your life

I realize today the difference
My dreams and reality hold
But can I stop dreaming despite
Knowing what my desires told

Hope is the knot which connects
My dreams to the real world order
Someday this may loosen or
Will get tightened stronger

Whatever be the situation
I shall not fear
To continue to dream
How much ever reality stands by near.


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