Seeing through my window

Not holding any expectations in return
Never believing my heart could ever burn
Accepting my life can never get unreal
Focusing on goals which make me appeal

Life has given me so much to cherish
Gods strength I hold within myself
To overcome so many obstacles
I’m happy …oh yes I am content

Then why is it that I feel
Despite all the happiness which surrounds
That there is something still missing
amongst the happy cheerful sounds

Is it the sorrows of my past
which still haunt me till date
or is it the fear I hold being futuristic
and leaving everything on fate

No more am I going to fret
No more am I going to cry
Being optimistic as I am always
I shall continue to smile 🙂

The present is what I live in
The past are my bygones
The future is truly uncertain
And even then … life still goes on.


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