The Monsoons : A gift from nature

How beautiful is your creation
O Goddess of rain …
How blessed can we be ..
To experience your beauty in this unstable world
You bring in the hope of prosperity
The beginning of more productivity
And a huge smile on the eager faces of so many

Every drop I feel of the monsoon
Caresses me like no other emotion ever did
The season of romance … the season of love

Oh dear monsoon … please don’t ever stop
U arrive accompanied with thundering and lightening
And many other frightening instances like a blizzard or hail
But you do leave a mark of your beauty
In the form of seven beautiful colors
Which combine together to structure a RAINBOW

I love the monsoons
They bring out the inner me
The various experiences associated with them
O Goddess of rain … this is my small prayer to you
May the monsoons shower and bestow their beauty
In this world …
Today , tomorrow and forever !


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