Wear a smile always :)

Beauty is skin deep
Why hasn’t there anyone taken a peep?
What do we need more to cheer ourselves an entire day
Besides a smile and a kind word from people everyday

Its a smile …. and only a smile
Which can take your breath away
Smile a while and while you smile
The whole world will smile along with you

To be beautiful is to be from within
Your beauty is useless
Without you being able to spread the warmth
A smile always holds within itself

It takes 43 muscles to frown and only 17 to smile
A smile is a remedy which is totally free of cost
Wear a smile always wherever you go around
And don’t forget to spread the love around

So guys …. never frown and always smile
Coz you never know …
Who has fallen in love with your smile 🙂
P.S : I hope this small note of mine managed to bring even a tiny smile on your face:)


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