Eremophobia – the fear of loneliness

There is a fear which mankind holds within themselves

Which many people deny to believe and accept

The truth is that nobody wants to be lonely

And nobody wishes to be a loner all their life


We all are humans, we all crave to socialize

Even a person who is an introvert needs to at times get a life

Then why is it that few choose to isolate themselves from the world

Dont we still share a humanitarian bond we hold being humans


Imagine a life, where there is no one you had to talk to

Nobody to express and share your feelings with – your happiness and sorrows

Is this the kind of life we actually want, where we all remain strangers to our own kind

Where nobody cares anymore, and nobody is even bothered who lives next door


Some people fear of getting too attached to someone

Knowing for sure he may not be a trustworthy one

People come in our lives for a purpose: some of them leave a mark, some dont

But each one of them is someone we have known


The world today has become a smaller place

Social Networking sites are being used as a base

To communicate with our near and dear ones

And also to keep in touch with the old ones


But hasn’t the feeling of belonging lost its value in this

The playful poking and chatting among friends being done through the net

We have friends, oh we have lots of them

But who are our real true ones from all of them


Nobody will remain lonely through out that is for sure

But can you guarantee for all this to remain forever

We fear loneliness, and can overcome this only through mingling ourselves

And for sure, we wont remain lonely, we wont remain afraid any longer.













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