A living memory

I still remember the first time I saw you

The spark that struck between me and you

I knew that very minute you were the one for me

Only to realize it will only end in misery


Moving on in life is not easy as it seems

But we know we have to do it by all means

What may mean love to you in reality

Can after all only be a teenage fantasy


Each day I wake up with a new outlook to life

A sigh of relief after each day passes by

Coz I am getting stronger day by day

I can learn to live without you in my own way


The flames still fizzle strongly as before

My heart still beats faster and therefore

True love may not be part of destiny

But I’m happy I have a living memory


2 thoughts on “A living memory

  1. Moving on may sometimes seem hard, but you need to move on. Life is fleeting and there is just no time to stand in gloom. But yes, memories will always remain!

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