Grown Up Fairy Tales – I hate Love Stories :P:)

Ever heard of fairytales without a prince and a princess and they lived happily ever after tag line attached with all of them? We were just kids at that time …. nothing to worry about, except laughter, happiness and constant chatter, along with asking innocent questions. Here’s presenting adult versions of a fairytale:

Situation 1: The love con overcome all difficulties story

A guy and a girl. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. Parents do not agree. Many a times their love being divided by the barrier of being rich and poor. Girl dies. Boy goes into depression. He is forced to marry again. Boy gets married. Starts a new life. They have a family. The girl comes back after three years or so. Wow … true love can fight back death! Brilliant. Boy decides he has to continue and move on with his life and forget the past. She realizes that he has a life of his own now. She decides to move on in life. End of their love story, only to begin new ones.

Situation 2: The Love – Hate relationship

A guy and a girl. Boy meets girl. They hate each other to the core. Boy can do anything to get rid of this girl in his life. The girl cannot stand the guy at all. Somehow, they end up becoming life partners by getting married :O Ultimately, they fall in love. Then just when things are going right, misunderstandings are bound to take place. So this is truly a hate – love – hate relationship. Well and then allz well. They realise they cannot live without each other and fall in love all over again. Happieesss endingss

Situation 3: The betrayal … extra-marital affairs

A guy and a girl. Boy meets girl. They fall in love. The girl has a best friend. She doesnt noe her best friend loves her alot. Shes madly in love with the other guy. She gets married to him, only to know he married her only for money. He is already in love with another girl … and guess what? he is married to that girl too. And oopsie … she is expecting. Enters her best friend, who has loved her truly always. Vowed to have always stood up for her, he decides to marry her and seeks her justice and gets the guy behind bars. And they get married. If you love someone … say it soon …dont delay

Situation 4: The most popular – love triangles and the sacrifices

A guy and girl. Boy meets girl. They have lot of common friends. They fall in love. The girl is going to tell her family members when she finds out that her best friend is in love with a guy. and whom would it be …. of course the same guy. So she sacrifices her love for her best friend who is like a sister to her. She convinces the guy to marry her, and decides to move on in life. Only to find out, she cannot move on with anyone else ever. In the end somehow, her best friend comes to know that shes in love with him and sacrifices her love for them. Oh the series of sacrificing souls! Well in the end though … alls well ends well.

There are zillions of such situations and loads of love stories. The truth is, believe it or not … but there is some truth in these stories. This is reality, there are loads of ups and downs in every relationship. Trick is to see what you turn your love story into.

So guys, whats your love story? Do share 🙂


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