Independence at a glance

Its been 63 years and we call India a free country today. But lets be honest out here, has India genuinely achieved true freedom? We have people working hard everyday today struggling to earn even one rupee and have at least a one time meal in the whole day for themselves and their family. Begging today has become the big business of India. People earn more money through using corrupt measures and create injustice for the ones who struggle for each penny they earn. Crime rate has increased to a great extent due to the cost of living. Well I must say the standard of living has definitely improved drastically than it was a decade ago. People today are encouraged to get educated and become something in life. Another problem which takes place out here is the great division between the rich and the poor. Why must the people at a higher level benefit more than the ones at a lower level. Where is the equality here which the people of India were promised about. Yes everyone has got the equal right to vote, but ultimately, its not the country who is benefiting, but the politicians alone. It is very important for people to use their rights effectively. With rights, there come duties too. People have agreed that there is nothing which can happen …. India will always remain India … so how can there be a changed India when no one is willing to take up any sort of responsibility and be there to give a green signal for a change to occur. India, as many don’t see it as, is in reality one of the richest nations in the world. There is no country in the world as India, being so rich in every manner: in its history, culture and its diversity, geographic location, people, ethnicity, cuisine and so on. Though India is rich in its cultural diversity, with there being Muslims, Hindus and Christians too, ultimately we all are Indians. Three things which rule in India are: Cricket, Bollywood and Politics. India is in a much better state than it was a decade ago. Agreed. But is that all our country deserves to be? Why is India still called as a developing nation? The people of India have a huge amount of talent in them, but are they getting enough opportunities to expose them? Lets all get together today, as its been 63 years now. High time we bring to India its true freedom and true happiness. We are the youth of today …. who will be responsible somewhere down the line for the future of India. Being Indians, our Unity is our biggest strength. Lets not give any other nation a chance to break us down ever.HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all of you 🙂


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