Mindmatters vs Matters of the Heart

My heart jumps for joy when I see you happy

My heart bleeds tears of sorrow when I see you in pain

My heart beats faster whenever you come close to me each time

My heart sings merry songs when you say exactly the things Ive always wanted to hear

My heart waits eagerly to talk to you, loving the way you care for me always

My heart knows that you are the one for me

But you know, my mind has a totally different story to say …

My mind knows you are happier with someone else than you are with me

My mind knows that probably you did deserve to take a little bit of pain Ive been going through

My mind knows that you come close to me only to play games with my emotions in the end

My mind doesn’t believe a word you say and believes you’ve told all this to many others in the same way

My mind knows there is no point having a conversation as we already know how it is going to end

My mind knows that even though you are the one for me, you are not my destiny

Then why does this conflict arise? Why do these mindgames influence the heart and why dont mind matters work where the heart is concerned.

Question remains: Do matters of the heart rule over the mind or does the mind rule over matters of the heart? Believe me, the choice is truly and only yours.


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