The little things which add meaning to life

As I stood by the sea and felt the waves splash till my knees

And enjoyed the fresh air carressing me through a breeze

Seeing children run around and play with each other on the shore

And couples walking hand in hand, looking at each others eyes to adore

Ice cream parlours filled with new exotic flavours,

With the shopkeepers asking, Madame, whats your flavour?

Nannies strolling along and hushing the babies to be quiet

Popping candy in their mouth and walking along the side

Sitting quietly on the drydocks as the tides become high

Watching the birds chirrup cheerfully and fly in the sky

The tides roaring away quickly, like it’s time to say goodbye

A crab suddenly popping by, as if it came just to say a Hi

As sunset occurred, appearing like the sun fell into the sea

Or was it just that the day passed off so quickly past by me

Knowing that its time for moonlight and stars to adorn the sky

I knew these were the little things which make life so worthwhile


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