Protect thy fellowmen and women

I am no one to question ones conscience. I am no one to judge what is right and what is wrong. But I am a girl too, I can completely understand the pain a girl can go through when she is  physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually tortured. Women were created as a companion for men, not as an object of desire or to be forced on. Why is it that each time a woman has to sacrifice herself, for a mans pleasure, and to fulfill his needs. Women are told not to wear revealing outfits, as they arouse temptations and luscious intentions for men. Why aren’t men told not to look at a girl in a wrong way.

Why are men not sensitive towards a woman’s needs, is it that difficult to love and respect a woman, than destroy her for good? Do men even realise what they have done after they have sinned?

To me, there are only two solutions to curb this. Either, the men begin to man up, and realize that being a man doesn’t mean you can force yourself on a woman, but it means to protect a woman  to the best of his ability. Women need to to fight for their rights, become strong and undergo training sessions as to how to deal with men like these, so that next time no man will consider a woman weak enough to overpower her.

There are alot of men also who have been affected and traumatized, and no longer safe in todays day and age. The people need to adapt the concept of brotherhood seriously, and protect each other like they would protect their family members.

What about the people as a whole? When they are seeing injustice take place in front of their eyes, would they just stand back and watch, or go forward and play their role as an active citizen, and in the name of humanity. Its a sincere request to all to do their bit to make our country a better and safer place to live in.


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