Coming up: Valentine’s Day

So it is the valentine’s week going on with rose days and propose days and hug days and teddy bear days gearing up the spirit of valentine. Sometimes I wonder, do you really need a special day or a special occasion to express your love for someone? I  mean , out of 365 days in a year (366 during leap years), why choose only a particular day or a week to make someone feel loved. But then I guess this is life, we are too busy in our lives and need to remove time out of our busy schedules to cherish the people who have made our life worthwhile. But I have a few questions in mind now and then. Why is it, that the people we love the most are the same ones who have the ability to hurt us the most. Why are there sometimes conditions in love when love is supposed to be unconditional. Why is it, that in most cases, friendship and love cannot go hand in hand together, one of it has to sacrifice. Why is it, that it is so rare to marry the same person in your life who you have loved the most. Why is it, that sometimes the whole world can love you, but all you want is to be loved by that special someone. I guess, the only possible answer to all of this is that things cannot always happen according to the way we want it to, and if it does’t, the only way is to have faith in God that he has the best in store for you. Also, sometimes it is important to love the person who loves you, not someone whom you love. I have waited all my life for the right guy in my life, not because I am very picky by nature or I seek for perfection, just not found someone for whom my heart says that he is the one. A girls instincts I believe are very strong, and one should always follow their heart when it comes to matters of the heart.  I continue my faith in God, I know he has the best in store for me 🙂 Meanwhile to all you couples out there, make this valentines day a special one for you and your loved one and for all us singles, valentines day is for us as well, keeping the romantic angle aside. You see, coz valentine is not only a time to celebrate love, but celebrate relationships as well. My family and my friends are my valentines, I have no idea how I would have survived all these years without them.  There is much more than having a boyfriend or a girlfriend in life to prove that you know what is love. Love is sometimes in the silence, in the pain and sorrow in someone’s eyes, seeing someone at their worst and still think they look awesome,  in the happiness of the person you love, in a sacrifice, in a compromise,  in moving away from someone for their own good but he/she is always on your mind. We all talk about love, but do we know what exactly is love? What is love according to you? Think about it. Till then, enjoy the valentine’s week folks 🙂 P.S: Happy Valentines Day in advance 🙂


9 thoughts on “Coming up: Valentine’s Day

  1. Love is someone who cares about me and have his/her best interests at heart for me, even though they are Super MAD at me!!
    your right, v just need to leave it on God, and When the time is right, your guy will be right there with you 🙂 And happy valentines day to you too In Advance! 🙂

  2. Hello! I saw that you were nominated for the sunshine award and wanted to check out your blog. LOVE your first post and what you said. It’s so incredibly true! That is a wonderful way to look at Valentines as your friends and family being your Valentine. Without my friends I do not know where I would be. People do tend to forget the true meaning of the holidays so thank you for sending out a reminder! I’m a follower 🙂

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