Miracle Garden indeed :)

???????????????????????????????Miracle Garden indeed 🙂

Living in a country which has the worlds tallest tower, the biggest racecourse, the best of hotels and high quality infrastructure, the Dubai Miracle Garden is no suprise 🙂 I am so proud to live in a place like Dubai, and I am extremely excited to visit the ‘Worlds Most Beautiful Garden’ in town. The Miracle Garden was launched on valentines day, and it is located in Dubailand, near Arabian Ranches by the side of Emirates Road, towards Jebel Ali on Arjaan exit. The Garden has free entry for kids and Dh. 20 for adults.

Source: http://www.bellevision.com/belle/index.php?action=topnews&type=5424#comment_box


8 thoughts on “Miracle Garden indeed :)

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