Wish I could ever go ‘Back to School’

School days, they say, are the best days of our lives. Sadly we outgrow it too soon to realise and value the days we will never get back. However, the memories, teachings, friends, guidance, and expertise we gain in school will remain with us for life. From academics to co-curricular activities and sports, each of these will help us somewhere or the other in life. I used to think, how will maths ever help me in life, as it used to be my dreaded subject ever. Thanks to a tution teacher of mine, she made me fall in love with maths, and made it easy and fun to learn 🙂 The assemblies, the library and PE classes, the recess, the bell after every class, the bus duty time, tests, assignments, homework, exams, OPEN HOUSE, were some of the daily phases of school life. I dreaded all this then, enjoyed some of it too, but today I realise how much I miss all of these, as I know I will never get it back. And yes, it is important to know atleast the basics of each subject in life. Whether it is English, Science, Computers, Social Studies, or Maths, and second languages such as Hindi, Urdu, French, Malayalam, they all play a very important part in our lives even till date. My favourite subjects were Biology and English, and a new subject introduced as Environmental Studies (EVS). However, if we ever thought, academics is all we have learnt from school, that is a misconception for sure. We learn how to interact, participate, behave, build our confidence and also develop and explore some of our talents in fields such as singing, dancing and in art and craft. Doesn’t matter always how much do you score, what matters at the end of the day is that how much have you learnt. And learning, still continues, as everyday there is something or the other to learn. It is rightly said, that schooling ends but education doesn’t. I am very thankful to all my teachers, peers and parents who have been such an integral part of my life and are largely responsible for my growth and development and who I am today. Being a student of Our Own English High School, Dubai, I have tried to follow my house motto till date, to reach greater heights, and I haven’t forgotten that till date 🙂 Do you all have any interesting school experiences to share? Or have kids today who are attending school? Do share your experiences with me and lets re-live our school days once again 🙂



4 thoughts on “Wish I could ever go ‘Back to School’

  1. oh u forgot to mention the Class Party days, Sports day, BUNKING, the canteen – it used to be a meeting spot for lovers 😉 , assembly – i kinda miss going to school every morning and saying the daily prayer..and then THE ANNOYING NAILS CHECKING and socks, and bag checking days, lol.. 😛

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