Munnabhai behind bars, truly a heart breaking thought


The man who made all problems seem so easy through a ‘Jadoo Ki Jhappi’. brought a smile to so many peoples faces and has played an important role in the Bollywood fraternity is in deep trouble today. Something which he is going through till date regarding what happened two decades ago. You see, crime never pays, and the Almighty has a wonderful way of punishing each one for their wrongdoings in his own way. It is sad to see Sanju go through all this at present, when he has settled down in his life and doing very well careerwise. It is very difficult for me to decide, whether is the law being too harsh on him or does he really deserve this for being involved in an act of terrorism. But there is one thing I cannot deny, and that being ‘Nobody is above the Law’. I respect the law for wanting Sanjay Dutt to seek imprisonment for what he has been involved in, just like any other citizen of India, infact I think he has got a lesser sentence than normally anyone would get. I can totally understand Sanjay Dutt’s emotions at present, he is completely shattered. I am very happy though, and proud of him that he considers himself as a ‘Law abiding citizen’, and will follow the law. This whole scenerio however, has caused a havoc in Bollywood, with producers worried about the losses in their projects and co-actors expressing concerns, and fans genuinely supporting Sanjay Dutt in every way. It is very nice of him though, being a professional that he is, he wants to complete all his projects before he surrenders. As he has to surrender this week, as per the decision of the Supreme Court, he has appealed for more time limit to surrender, as he wants to complete all the projects he has committed to. Fair enough as it may sound, it is history repeating itself, as this was the same reason his verdict was taken off last time. Whether is it right or no to grant his appeal, I do not know, and I shall leave that to the authorities to decide. I’m a fan of Sanju too, as much as my prayers are with him, I think he should surrender and finish this off once and for all, and close this heart breaking chapter of his life forever, for his own future and as well as his wife and kids. Your fans are always with you Sanju, and you will get many more projects when you serve your term Insha-Allah. Go ahead, surrender and finish this off once and for all and come back soon, and keep bringing smiles on everyones faces 🙂 A dialogue from your movie Khalnayak, “Insaaf na kanoon de sakta hai na police … agar koi insaaf de sakta hai … to ek insaan doosre insaan ko de sakta “, seems quite ironic today. How much ever everybody wants to help you, it will not be of much use. However, our prayers are with you always Sanju, and your fans are waiting to see you back in action 😀

P.S.: Life mein tension leneka nahi, deneka 😉 


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