Relationship issues? Agony aunt to the rescue :)

We all have problems in life, there is nobody who has escaped from it and lived a happily ever after life. But we seldom have someone to talk to, and hear out our problems. Lets choose the topic of relationships, quite a touchy topic indeed, but an important one to discuss for sure. Starting from now, please feel free to share your relationship problems, issues, and together we can find out a solution towards it. One should value relationships, hence would request you all not to use any harsh words or language for your loved ones. You may choose to be anonymous or give in a disguised name if you don’t wish to reveal your identity. Lets make this an interactive session, and realize at the same time, that we don’t own all the problems of the world, and help and hear out each others problems. Will be eagerly waiting for your posts to come in.


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