Designers Sketch Gifts Fit for the Royal Baby

Perfect tribute to the Royal Family and the Royal Baby 🙂


Ok so the baby is here! Congrats to the royal couple and to UK because you couldn’t see more anticipation, excitement and chest-beating national pride than the royal wedding, the Diamond Jubilee, the 2012 Olympics and the Coronation Festival combined. From Africa to  Antarctica everybody heard the big news yesterday.

And because every event should include gifts ,  “asked designers what gift they would give the royal baby. These one-of-a kind gifts are fit for a…king.”

“Dior was so inspired, it created an entire collection for WWD around the idea of a royal baby gift. “Like fairies leaning over a cradle, Baby Dior was inspired by Mr. Dior’s lucky charms to adorn the future newborn’s outfits,” the house said. “Cashmere knitting, coming in a beautiful leather suitcase, was twisted with four-leaf clovers to keep the baby warm. Each piece, embellished with embroideries and lace, was delicately handmade, requiring hours of work.”


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