India 2013

So I am back from a wonderful vacation to India 🙂 Yes, indeed it was surprisingly by far one of my best visits to India after my sisters wedding, and the one when I went to see my niece when she was born. Every year I look forward to coming back home soon, but this year for the first time I didn’t feel like coming back. Have got attached to the place I guess. This was my first Eid in India in 22 years of my life. For the first time I experienced enjoying a festive occassion with near and dear ones, and spending time with them, having fun and collecting lots of Eidi 😀

The sudden plans made there are one of the most exciting bits, not like here where you have to think ten times before even making a plan. My niece was a joy to meet, as she has grown so much and can understand alot now. I have a few memories of my  childhood in India 2when I was a child, and I feel sad at times when I realise that those days will never come back, as everyone has a life of their own to lead now. But still, I miss some of the moments and people I spent a good vacation with each year. Times have changed, and priorities too, and I have learnt to stay happy among my loved ones, and those who love me dearly. 

This trip was quite hectic though as well, with travelling alot, Bombay, Pune, Gujarat, Rajasthan. Been travelling through cars, trains and bus, and the new Chembur Eastern Freeway is simply awesome, wish I could drive on those roads 🙂  Though it was a tiring trip, I will admit I enjoyed every bit of it. I witnessed Independence Day celebrations in Gujarat, from where it all began. I have to admit that the respect I have for my country has grown after this trip. Yes there are a few disturbing instances in our country which are happening like the gangrape of a Photojournalist in Mumbai, but overall, our country is priceless in terms of values, culture and heritage it holds. 

And of course not to forget the cuisines, had a wonderful time feasting out in India, with Amul chilled milkshakes, yummy Ice Creams, Falsa, Jaljeera, Masala Soda, Pani Puri, Frankies, Malpuas, Wada Paus, Ragdas and Aaloo Wadas. I have truly enjoyed feasting on each of these. Though I make it a ritual to see movies in India, could only watch one this time, Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara (in Mumbai ;)). The rains definitely added to the glamour of my trip, was a brilliant change from the hot weather out here.

The hardest part of my trip was saying goodbye, especially to my niece and sis. I love them dearly, and will hopefully meet them soon once again 🙂 Till then, may my country flourish always to greater heights, may all kinds of elements such as corruption and filth eliminate from it, and may there be peace bestowed always on our Motherland.


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