Ten things men need to understand about women

So one often hears this comment from men, that “Women are too complicated to understand”. That is a different story however though that women often feel that all men are the same. Here is a small initiative from my side to help guys understand girls, by posting ten important things they should know about them:

  1. Most women often work on reverse psychology mode, i.e.,when they say they are fine, they are actually not fine at all. So don’t just leave it at that, and make sure she is genuinely fine.
  2. Not all women need to be impressed by buying them materialistic stuff and expensive items. If that is what impresses her, she is not worth your expense at all. Don’t sweat it, just be yourself and let her like you and know you for the way you are.
  3. Have a heart of gold, be a man of your words and also be known for your good deeds, and you have won a girls heart, indeed, half the battle is won.
  4. While it is nice to be a mature and responsible person, a little bit of naughtiness and childishness makes a woman at ease with you, and vice-versa. However, crossing limits can be a major turn-off.
  5. Women are very sensitive in nature, think ten times before you raise your voice at her, or raise your hand on her. You don’t want to lose the woman you love forever, or for her to be scared of you.
  6. Always try and compliment a woman, they just love it, you have no idea you can make her day with a small compliment of yours and boost her self esteem and confidence.
  7. Never ever compare a woman with another woman, that’s the worst thing a guy can ever do to a girl.
  8. Women need their privacy always, and it is extremely precious for them. Respect their privacy and give them their space always. Respect Women.
  9. A woman who never asks for anything deserves everything, dont leave any opportunity to make her feel special. P.S. Remember dates please, women value dates alot 😉 (Eg. : Birthday, Anniversary, etc.)
  10. Love her unconditionally, coz you will never know how much she loves you and how and when she can sacrifice everything only for you.

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