Gitex Shopper – Your Electronics Shopping Destination for the week

Welcome to the technologically bound world, and brace yourselves to visit the biggest electronics extravaganza event of the year. With the increase in demand for the latest technological products, and the quest for tech-savvy’s to keep themselves updated with the latest gadgets and gizmos in the market, Gitex Shopper proves to be the perfect place for you.

From Pagers, Fax Machines, Radio, Telephones, to Mobiles, Internet, Cable and Satellites, we have now entered the ‘Smart’ generation where we live with Smartphones, Smart TV’s and Smartwatches. Call it artificial intelligence, but hey, this is where the future of technology is heading to. With the speedy advancement in technology, it may be rightly said that the lifespan of a gadget is now only six months, because there are always new inventions and innovations which are coming in each day.

Smart technology today might be a luxury for some, however, it has become a necessity for many. To be honest it suprises me how we survived without smart technology all these years. I will admit though, that it has it’s pro’s and cons, and we have lost our human touch while being busy using touchscreens. Changing with the times, that’s what they say, and hey presto its quite a pleasant change indeed. Only problem, we have so much to choose from today that we dont know what to choose. Along with smart technology, you need to make smart choices, and that’s where Gitex Shopper comes in, to give all these brilliant masterpieces the perfect platform to exhibit their awesomeness.

We have some of the best smartphones this year, with top brands competing with each other, entering into the smartphone war. Let me see, we have Nokia, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony Xperia, and Alcatel and Lenovo phones entering the market. Each of these holds a specialty of its own.  Seriously, with such tuft competition, it becomes even tuft for the users to decide which smartphone to choose. Don’t forget to watch out for some of the tablets at GITEX, which are a personal favourite for many users who are on the move. You have a variety of Smart TV’s as well at Gitex Shopper. From normal TV’s to LCD’s, LED’s, Plasmas and now OLED’s, TV’s have now become much more than just being called the ‘Idiot Box’. Wonderful cameras and accessories are available as well, and laptops such as Sony Vaio, Toshiba, Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Hp, Dell provide consumers the opportunity to choose their preference according to their needs and usage.

So don’t forget to make your smart choices at Gitex Shopper. Do make use of the wonderful offers, freebies and discounts and entering raffle draws you can avail at Gitex. Till then, happy shopping 😀

The Gitex Shopper week started from October 05, 2013 and will go on till October 12, 2013.


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