Obama Disses Facebook While Meeting With Millennials

Interesting take 🙂


Here’s another sign Facebook is in trouble with teens: even President Obama knows it’s not the “cool” place to hang out online anymore.

“It seems like they don’t use Facebook anymore,” said the president of teens while meeting with a group of young Americans at a cafe Friday, as reported in a crazy-fun read from Robinson Meyer at The Atlantic.

The meeting’s purpose was to talk about how the White House can get more Americans aged 18-34 to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. Young people are crucial to the new health care exchanges, as they generally pay more into the system than they take out — thereby subsidizing older Americans who’ve also signed up.

Another nugget from Meyer’s post:


The president hands the baby back to its mom. The president makes eye contact with me.

“Great to see you,”…

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