Top five ways to feel like a celebrity

Sometimes, you need to be the hero of your own life story. You are no less than a celebrity if you have done all it takes to be known as one.

– Saved someone from dying or committing suicide.

– Killed the person who was trying to kill you in the act of self defense.

– Sung or danced on romantic tracks and impressed your co-star.

– Seeked revenge from the person who has harmed you.

– Managed to stay alive despite being shot atleast ten times.

Lol okay, I’m kidding hehe. All this happens only in movies. In reality, if you really want to be a celebrity, do something heroic:

– Stand up and fight against corruption and injustice which goes on.

– Encourage acts of charity, help the poor and needy in whatever way you can, and share your old belongings with them which you do not use.

– Your small acts of precaution can save someones life, such as driving safely by maintaining safe distance and not speeding.

– Treat your loved one like a princess, you don’t need to run behind trees to impress her.

– Don’t be scared to help a stranger, go ahead and help them if you see they are in trouble. As the bollywood movie Jai Ho says, don’t accept their thanks, instead ask the person to help three other people out in their trying times.

Trust me, in my eyes or in anyone’s in which humanity still exists, you are a true celebrity if this is the pathway you choose.






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