The Ten Day Blog Challenge – Day 1


Wow, a blog challenge 🙂 This time it is a ten day challenge. So here goes the challenge for Day 1:

Ten Things I want to say to Ten Different People right now:

1) Dad: You may not show it always dad, but I know that you love and care for me. I know that all you always want to see is a smile on my face. Thank you fr making me Daddys Dearest Daughter always :):* Love you lots.

2) Mom: I know I get mad at you at times, for being my best critic always, but I know you have the best interest in your heart. I’m sorry for all the times I have hurt you. I cant thank you enough for the number of times u have been there for me. Love you forever.

3) Sis: You are amazing sis, I realised how amazing you were after you got married and left. I am till date trying to take over and carry on the household responsibilities like the way you did so proficiently. I hate you like I love you ;):* Miss you terribly my Friend, Philosopher and Guide.

4) Alef: You know what you mean to me. I don’t know how would I handle half of my issues and my silly life troubles without you. You better be there for me always, it’s an order, the Unbreakable Vow :P;) You know it too, I am always there for you 🙂 Love you lots :* God bless you always and you are always there in my prayers. P.S. Thanks for introducin me to this challenge :P;)

5) Ammar, Adnan and Hakim: Thank you for being awesome cousin bros to me. I do not have a real brother, but you guys did just fine at not making me feel that 🙂 I remember the rakhis I have tied to you all when we were small, and I know that those rakhis are still strongly tied in our hearts. Be there for me always 🙂

6) Lamiya: I love you sweetie :* Though we are far away, whenever you want me or need me, I am just a message and a viber/skype call away. We shall meet again soon to have our late night conversations while trying to go to sleep 🙂 Lots of love and kisses :*

7) Sana (Sarrah): You are my bestie since childhood. Need I say more? You know and have seen and weve been through it all together always. I have always wondered we are so different from each other yet we are close. I guess its a case of opposites attract 😉 Wish you all the very best in life, and keep the go getter attitude on always. Love you for who u r 🙂

8) Delilah, Sonali, Nayab, Zainab P, Asha (12 H Gang): We have done some cool shit in our school days, if there is one thing I want to thank Our Own for the most, is for bringing us closer. I have never seen a more united class than ours before. I’m so proud to be from 12 H. P.S: We need to meet up soon, the entire gang 🙂

9) Sameer, Kevin, Savio, Puja, Sonam, Rebecca, RJ, Shreyans, Ritesh (College Gang): We made a pretty cool gang actually, sometimes ganged up for each other, and sometimes ganged up against each other heh 😉 All in all, It has been a marvellous roller coaster ride 🙂 I miss it terribly, and would give anything to go back on that roller coaster ride 🙂

10) To my whomsoever life partner in future: If you want a hot, good-looking, sexy, skinny girl as your wife, for other guys to oomph on, I’m really sorry then I’m not the one for you. If you want someone who is extremely good, too hot to handle,and somebody you think you can give your 100% commitment and support to, accept her with her imperfections, and love her for just the way she is, then you know who it is 😉

Keep yourself notified for the next post tomorrow on the Day 2 Challenge 🙂

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