The Ten Day Blog Challenge – Day 3

Eight ways to win your heart:

– Okay, I don’t believe in the need to win anyone’s heart. But well, chocolates have the ability to do that :P;)

– Do good deeds, and you automatically win anyone’s heart. It is sometimes your actions and deeds which bring out the niceness in you.

– Don’t judge a person. It is quite wrong to do that, you can have your opinions, but don’t judge anyone.  It is easier to win someones heart when they know they are not being judged by you.

– Have a big heart, its important. Whenever you do something or give something for someone, do it wholeheartedly.

– It is always the thought which counts at times, and not materialistic things each time. You may forget what someone did for you, but you will never forget how they made you feel.

– I don’t judge people, but I personally don’t think high of those who do no take hold or have control over their lives. I always recommend people to avoid habits such as drinking, smoking, or drugs due to this.

– Be yourself, don’t try to hard to impress always. Let someone like you always for the way you are.

– Everyone likes those who know how to live life on the edge, someone who is lively. I’m one of them too 🙂




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