The World of Harry Potter



Seventeen years ago, I read a story on the boy who lived. A story which didn’t take long to captivate me into its magical world, and help me escape from the real world order, for all the time I have invested in it. My cousin was the one who introduced me to Harry Potter first, and I can’t thank her enough till date to give me a childhood memory I will cherish for life. Harry Potter, a character I have grown up with, felt like ive been through all the ups and downs which have taken place in the story, and made me have an unfulfilled dream to become a Hogwarts student someday.

Simultaneously along with the books, the movie series of Harry Potter also began, providing us a complete picturesque idea of how the magical world and its characters would truly look like. From the very beginning since Harry was born, till the very end of the series where Harry has grown into an adult, the book holds some amazing experiences along with it. I can call myself a proud 90’s kid today as I have grown up with Harry Potter. A story can be completely fictitious, but if it has reached your heart and soul, you know this is one unforgettable story you have read an experience of a lifetime. Living an entire decade with a character is not an easy task, but the wonderful author J.K. Rowling and the fantastic movie crew of Harry Potter made it happen. I cannot thank HP much for giving me something to cherish for life.


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