A short love story

As the breeze blew strong along Mia’s hair, and the sunshine lightening up her beautiful face, it always brought a smile on her every morning she woke up. Without knowing what each day has in store for her, she was quite geared up each morning to face all the obstacles in store for her. She had everything in life, and was quite content with it, except that one small thing which seemed missing in her life. College seemed hectic, with friends coming up to her for relationship issues, or needing her help with assignments, or gathering around for lunch and munching over each ones lunch boxes, or just wanting to be with her and spend time with her. Life seemed just perfect, why would you need someone when you have such amazing friends by your side.

Things were going well, till she met someone, someone who she never imagined she would grow to be fond of someday, someone, who would become her best friend. Somebody who grew to love her, for the way she was. But she couldn’t believe that there could be someone who could fall in love with her, after all she was quite an ordinary girl, there was absolutely nothing special or no sex appeal or so about her. Mig was a very carefree kind of guy, who never took life so seriously, and was quite the same with each and every girl. So how exactly would she be the extra special one for him? However, she did not come to know when and how he became so special for her, but she knew it would never happen, as they both wanted very different things from life.

Not all love stories need to be complete and end on the note of marriage. Sometimes, love is in spending time with the person, love is wanting the happiness of the person you love, Love is compromising on things, Love is in being present for all the happy and sad moments in the time of need, love is helping out the person and getting them out of any problem, love is in feeding the person you love and feeling content when the person is full. Love is also in friendship, when you get to know a person more than any lover can ever get to know, sharing the small inside jokes and secrets which nobody else can know, being able to be with the person without having any awkward moments and not realizing the time when you spend with them.

So now I would like to ask, what is a true love story like? The one which fairy tales suggest, having a happily ever after ending? Or the one in which, you know, you may not end up marrying the person, but you cannot live without the person in your life for even a day, a minute, a second.

-By Zainab Das


3 thoughts on “A short love story

  1. but i also believe if it doesn’t work out between two people no matter how strong their feelings are for each other,, that means life has better people out there for them…and with time it will all make sense.. hopefully πŸ™‚

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