Selamat Datang :)

Ever had a dream of waking up one fine morning and find yourself stranded on an island? Well, Langkawi is surely one island I would not mind being left stranded on. Langkawi, which is an island of Malaysia, consists of a chain or a cluster of 140 other islands surrounding it in the Andaman Sea. The place has no been developed for years, simply because the people out there did not want the island to lose out on its rich natural beauty which it consists of.

The first image from the skies of Langkawi is seeing it surrounded by water and small patches of land on it, and the sight itself is too beautiful to see. Of course the island is no comparison to your beautiful cosmopolitan luxorious developed cities which we have in the world today, but after all it is only an island. However, it provides the perfect escapade from your normal routine life, as it cuts you off totally from the rest of the world, by creating a world of its own.

So some of the activities one can do there? One can do alot of sports out there, like jet skiing, kayaking, para sailing, deep sea diving, scuba diving or even snorkeling. Or you can just laze around and enjoy the scenic beauty of the beaches and breathe in the fresh air it provides, or have a dip in the swimming pools. Langkawi has a wonderful marine life, and the underwater world is quite fascinating, with a number of unique species in the world being present there.

For those who have an adventurous streak in them can also visit the Geoforest parks and the natural wildlife of Langkawi. The crocodile parks, bat caves, fish farms are all ready for a warm welcome for tourists who visit them. Eagle is the bird which symbolizes Langkawi, and the Eagle Square is a must to visit as it signifies Langkawi’s existence. The black sands beach and the breath taking waterfalls is a visual treat for the eyes.

One can always go shopping to the oriental village and also on the cable car ride out there, and can visit the city centre as well as the rice gardens and the handicrafts centre. NOt to forget to try out some delicious Malay food once you are there. So for all you beach buffs and adventure lovers, (and also honeymooners ;)), Langkawi is the perfect place for you.


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