Dubai – My First Love

Half of 2017 has passed by and it has indeed been a life changing year so far. Too many changes in life happening this year hehe, can only keep fingers crossed and pray to God these changes lead to some of the best memories, moments, chances and decisions in life, and open up a new chapter of my life which I am yet to explore. Chapter 2 – Relocating to my home country, has just begun, but I never got a chance to bid a proper farewell to the place I will always consider a home away from home.


Chapter 1 – Dubai

Dubai, the city that cares they say. How true is it. The people, place, culture, hospitality, atmosphere, environment, is some of the best things I love about the place. We do not realize the luxury the city provides us with till we are away from it. Being born and brought up here, there is no other life I have seen. I have lived in a protective cocoon all these years, where I have enjoyed and had the privileges of living in an Islamic country and being a woman. Me and my family have grown up with the city, seeing it develop from being a desert to one of the most envied metropolitan cities of the world today. Sigh, just wish they offered citizenship to expats. But I have no complaints and I am happy that I got to live in such a wonderful place for so many years, and I thank my mom and dad for putting in all their hardwork and effort to nurture us and give us a good life in this wonderful city. With doing my entire schooling, university and also gaining some work experience in this country, I hope I was able to give back and contribute in some way to the goodwill of the country’s economy. Thank you to all the lovely people who were part of my journey back then. Thank you to all those who still keep in touch with me despite being far away. Thank you for all the beautiful memories dear Dubai, insha allah will see you soon once again:)

Chapter 2, you have just begun. Lots to deal with, new place, new people, new workplace, new weather conditions, new relations, new friendships, and new adventures each day. Looking forward to new happenings and events in life, but hope the almighty’s presence and hand remains on me always to be able to deal with and overcome any situation in life. Here’s to new beginnings!




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