Thailand – The Land Of Smiles

The first impression when we stepped into Thailand was, this is a mini India, only a more cleaner and sophisticated version 😉 Yes, Bangkok is very much like Mumbai and Pattaya is similar to Goa, but the country truly has a charm of its own.




If you love shopping, and exploring a rich culture and etiquette, with some yummy food to satisfy your tummies, Thailand is the place for you (Mind you, the street food is dirt cheap out there, but we did not feel like having that at all, but otherwise, Thai food is yummy, especially their coconut water and Thai fruits is to die for!) If you also want to unwind and do nothing at all and laze on the lovely beaches, explore some amazing watersports such as sea walking, jet skiing, banana boat riding, scuba diving and snorkeling, parasailing or paragliding, or you just want to explore the wild night life and just let your hair down and party (and drink, drench yourself in drinks 😉 this is the place for you as well! Beware, we tried doing Sea Walking, I was not scared and touched the ground as well, but the air pressure was so strong that I felt my ears will burst any moment, so could not complete it unfortunately, but even then, it was an unforgettable experience 🙂 Enjoyed the other sports though, and the beautiful islands and beaches are a sight to see and romance around 😉


Do not forget to enjoy some world famous Thai massage. Their style is different, but it felt so good in the end! Tip: Feels better to get this done after a long tiring day of exploring the city 🙂

People are strong believers and followers of Buddhism, and that is what brings peace and sanity to this lovely city. Some of the people are really friendly, and are very familiar with Indians, they also know Hindi too 😉 Indian food is more famous and expensive than Thai food out there! Do not forget to explore the beautiful marine side, the underwater world and sea life (Asia’s second largest Aquarium), have some breath taking creatures stored for you. Safari World was super fun with entertaining shows, with my hubby holding a real tiger cub in his hands (NO! I refused to touch it) and going on a real Safari tour; this place is adventurous beyond words 🙂



What I loved the most about Thailand is that, there is so much to do, and there is not a moment you would get bored in the city, be it in the day or night. You might just have more fun with friends, but it was equally fun going as a couple too 🙂 This is one place which should be in everyones bucketlist, it is affordable and not very far from home. So pack your bags and unwind, and let the journey lead you to an unforgettable trip in your life! Remember, what happens in Thailand, remains in Thailand 😉


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