Tbilisi I Love You !

This year has started off so beautifully, I couldn’t thank God enough. My trip to Tbilisi, Georgia was one of the best experiences ever. Honestly, I felt it will be quite a dull, historic and quiet kind of trip, but the place truly exceeded my expectations. For UAE residents this is one of the nicest place to visit as:

– No Visa Issues (One does not need a Georgian visa if they have a 3 months valid UAE residence visa).
– No Time Difference (You will feel you are back home and in tune with the timings out there).
– Not much currency difference too (Things are almost priced the same as back home, except the handful of beers and wine of course 😉

Besides all of these, it is so rich in its scenic beauty. Whether you are in the sun or on top of the cold mountains, you are sure to enrich and value the best nature has to offer you. The Bridge of Peace is an iconic symbol of Tbilisi and the kind natured and honest people out there won my heart. I could trust them that they would not cheat me. However, beware of the beggars there. Tbilisi is crowded, but they do manage to maintain a good amount of safe distance while driving.

Some of the cons: Vegetarian people didn’t have much choice in eating except cheese and bread. Besides that, none, literally. The people enjoy their food along with a drink over there. I was however surprised to know that there is only one per cent of the Indian Population which is based in Tbilisi.

We were lucky we got to experience snow in the mountainous areas this time of the year, and I could just imagine how beautiful Tbilisi would look when it is fully white coated. There are shopping streets out there too so there can be many things to purchase but are slightly overpriced for it’s worth. Some of the best purchases from there would be Honey, Souveniors and Wine/Beer.

So if you want to spend some time home away from home, in a land of love, Tbilisi is the place for you 🙂

My traditional 2015 roundup post

Hey, I just noticed I have not been very active on my blog this year. My apologies for that, I guess the reason is that I have been sooo super busy this year. And being ‘busy as a bee’ would not even be an exaggeration this time.

So the year began with me starting off my MBA, and working towards achieving a new milestone in life. Little did I know, I will have no weekends any longer for almost one and a half year, hehehe. With work, studies, family, friends, and personal issues, this has been such a roller coaster of a year, and it has been hard to catch up with the pace, but I will admit it has been a joyride.

Again, this year I did things that I have never done before, I have been fearless in making decisions and experiencing new things, feelings and emotions, and taking a stand. This is so important to do in this world, coz in the end, it is your life and only yours, and you have nobody to fear in this life except the lord. But yes at the same time I love and respect my parents even more than I ever used to. I have learnt to grow up a little bit, heck its my 25th this year 😉 It wasn’t a very silvery one but some of the silver linings of my dream clouds moved across showing me the realities of life.

I have made mistakes probably, but I have no regrets as I have learnt so much from these. I only want to see myself as a nicer, healthier, and happier person and see a bunch of smiling faces around me. I have also realised that the Almighty has set plans for each of us, and how much ever we plan, things will work only according to what he has planned, which are the best laid ones for us. So I choose to leave my faith on Him and I know all my dreams will come true someday.

I didn’t travel anywhere as such this year, next year Insha Allah have some exciting travel plans in mind 🙂 There is one thing which is pending, and which I plan to do next year, is to learn to love myself. Hope 2016 is a blissful and a joyous year for all. Keep smiling and the world with smile along with you. Cheers Folks, Word hard, Party harder 🙂 Adios 2015.

Honour Me Lord

Honour me lord, bless my soul

My solitary presence now seeks your role

To you and only you shall I bow down and beg

For Almighty I trust you with my every breath

To love and be loved is a blessing for rare

My love has so much in store to share

For I know you have the best plans for me

I know your favorite child has the best yet to see

I’m not ashamed to beg to you my lord

For love is what seeks all the reward

I don’t seek a partner lord but a soulmate

Who will hold on to me till the very last date

– By Zainab D.

Bye bye 2014, Hello 2015 :-)

It is not easy to say goodbye, but 2014 is one year I would gladly like to bid farewell too. Lot of ups and downs this year and it has been a roller coaster ride. Many life learning lessons too this year, such as travelling alone 😉 Yes I’ve done alot of things in 2014 which have probably been the first time in my life that I have. Good or bad, every year does bring along new learning lessons alongwith it.

Ok that’s enough of cribbing, shall not forget the positives too, Allah gave me the biggest blessing this year and my prince charming in the form of my Nephew:* Here’s hoping for many more blessings to come in the years ahead. Cheers to all XD Happy 2015 !!

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Selamat Datang :)

Ever had a dream of waking up one fine morning and find yourself stranded on an island? Well, Langkawi is surely one island I would not mind being left stranded on. Langkawi, which is an island of Malaysia, consists of a chain or a cluster of 140 other islands surrounding it in the Andaman Sea. The place has no been developed for years, simply because the people out there did not want the island to lose out on its rich natural beauty which it consists of.

The first image from the skies of Langkawi is seeing it surrounded by water and small patches of land on it, and the sight itself is too beautiful to see. Of course the island is no comparison to your beautiful cosmopolitan luxorious developed cities which we have in the world today, but after all it is only an island. However, it provides the perfect escapade from your normal routine life, as it cuts you off totally from the rest of the world, by creating a world of its own.

So some of the activities one can do there? One can do alot of sports out there, like jet skiing, kayaking, para sailing, deep sea diving, scuba diving or even snorkeling. Or you can just laze around and enjoy the scenic beauty of the beaches and breathe in the fresh air it provides, or have a dip in the swimming pools. Langkawi has a wonderful marine life, and the underwater world is quite fascinating, with a number of unique species in the world being present there.

For those who have an adventurous streak in them can also visit the Geoforest parks and the natural wildlife of Langkawi. The crocodile parks, bat caves, fish farms are all ready for a warm welcome for tourists who visit them. Eagle is the bird which symbolizes Langkawi, and the Eagle Square is a must to visit as it signifies Langkawi’s existence. The black sands beach and the breath taking waterfalls is a visual treat for the eyes.

One can always go shopping to the oriental village and also on the cable car ride out there, and can visit the city centre as well as the rice gardens and the handicrafts centre. NOt to forget to try out some delicious Malay food once you are there. So for all you beach buffs and adventure lovers, (and also honeymooners ;)), Langkawi is the perfect place for you.

A short love story

As the breeze blew strong along Mia’s hair, and the sunshine lightening up her beautiful face, it always brought a smile on her every morning she woke up. Without knowing what each day has in store for her, she was quite geared up each morning to face all the obstacles in store for her. She had everything in life, and was quite content with it, except that one small thing which seemed missing in her life. College seemed hectic, with friends coming up to her for relationship issues, or needing her help with assignments, or gathering around for lunch and munching over each ones lunch boxes, or just wanting to be with her and spend time with her. Life seemed just perfect, why would you need someone when you have such amazing friends by your side.

Things were going well, till she met someone, someone who she never imagined she would grow to be fond of someday, someone, who would become her best friend. Somebody who grew to love her, for the way she was. But she couldn’t believe that there could be someone who could fall in love with her, after all she was quite an ordinary girl, there was absolutely nothing special or no sex appeal or so about her. Mig was a very carefree kind of guy, who never took life so seriously, and was quite the same with each and every girl. So how exactly would she be the extra special one for him? However, she did not come to know when and how he became so special for her, but she knew it would never happen, as they both wanted very different things from life.

Not all love stories need to be complete and end on the note of marriage. Sometimes, love is in spending time with the person, love is wanting the happiness of the person you love, Love is compromising on things, Love is in being present for all the happy and sad moments in the time of need, love is helping out the person and getting them out of any problem, love is in feeding the person you love and feeling content when the person is full. Love is also in friendship, when you get to know a person more than any lover can ever get to know, sharing the small inside jokes and secrets which nobody else can know, being able to be with the person without having any awkward moments and not realizing the time when you spend with them.

So now I would like to ask, what is a true love story like? The one which fairy tales suggest, having a happily ever after ending? Or the one in which, you know, you may not end up marrying the person, but you cannot live without the person in your life for even a day, a minute, a second.

-By Zainab Das