Tbilisi I Love You !

This year has started off so beautifully, I couldn’t thank God enough. My trip to Tbilisi, Georgia was one of the best experiences ever. Honestly, I felt it will be quite a dull, historic and quiet kind of trip, but the place truly exceeded my expectations. For UAE residents this is one of the nicest place to visit as:

– No Visa Issues (One does not need a Georgian visa if they have a 3 months valid UAE residence visa).
– No Time Difference (You will feel you are back home and in tune with the timings out there).
– Not much currency difference too (Things are almost priced the same as back home, except the handful of beers and wine of course 😉

Besides all of these, it is so rich in its scenic beauty. Whether you are in the sun or on top of the cold mountains, you are sure to enrich and value the best nature has to offer you. The Bridge of Peace is an iconic symbol of Tbilisi and the kind natured and honest people out there won my heart. I could trust them that they would not cheat me. However, beware of the beggars there. Tbilisi is crowded, but they do manage to maintain a good amount of safe distance while driving.

Some of the cons: Vegetarian people didn’t have much choice in eating except cheese and bread. Besides that, none, literally. The people enjoy their food along with a drink over there. I was however surprised to know that there is only one per cent of the Indian Population which is based in Tbilisi.

We were lucky we got to experience snow in the mountainous areas this time of the year, and I could just imagine how beautiful Tbilisi would look when it is fully white coated. There are shopping streets out there too so there can be many things to purchase but are slightly overpriced for it’s worth. Some of the best purchases from there would be Honey, Souveniors and Wine/Beer.

So if you want to spend some time home away from home, in a land of love, Tbilisi is the place for you 🙂